After the approval of the National Code of Science, Technology and Innovation (Law No. 13.243, from January 11th, 2016), universities, research laboratories, NGOs and companies are encouraged to work together to transform basic science into innovation, creating cooperative research environments aiming at the generation of innovative products.

In March 2017, UFRN established a technical partnership with the Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology (2Bio), a private non-profitable organization which objectives are to promote and disseminate bioinformatics through the development of research projects, training of students and professionals in Brazil, in addition to providing technical services in bioinformatics.

Within the scope of this partnership, 2Bio's activities are integrated into the activities of the Postgraduate Program in Bioinformatics and the Bioinformatics Multidisciplinary Environment. In general, 2Bio provides logistical support to the activities of the entities mentioned above. As a private non-profitable organization, 2Bio has brought flexibility to BioME´s activities, such as establishment of contracts, contracting services and/or technical support, among others.
For more information, check 2Bio website.


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