Bioinformatics applied to proteomic analysis

Our proteomics pipeline uses the best practices for the identification of know and new proteins. Our proprietary dataset of proteins comprehends almost all known alternative splicing variants without affecting the MS/MS search probabilities, and the results are extensively annotated using exclusive softwares we developed along the years (REFs do Splooce, Peer J e PV). The results are presented using an innovative interface, called Proteogenomics Viewer (REF), which allows the inspection of each peptide and protein (see figures below). It indexes the sequences to the reference genome, making it easier to spot any kind of variation, such as those resulted from alternative splicing. Proteogenomics Viewer also provides links to external services, such as PFam, which allows the analysis of functional domains, useful for a better data interpretation. A small report is also provided, showing general quality metrics regarding the analyzed samples.


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