August 24, 2016

SB-Meeting 2016. Translational research in bioinformatics and systems biology

“From algorithms to disease: Translational research in bioinformatics and systems biology”

High-throughput techniques have hugely increased biological and biomedical data production in the last decade. Systems biology and bioinformatics have a central role in getting information from those sea of data. SB-Meeting is on its third edition and represents a German-Brazil cooperation in order to promote the collaboration among researchers of both countries focusing on bioinformatics and systems biology.

The event aims to promote bioinformatics and systems biology research, as well as the interaction among German and Brazilian scientific community. The event will include German and Brazilian researchers that are leaders in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology.

The theme will involve discussions about the perspectives and the advances provided by bioinformatics and systems biology research on clinical practice. SB-Meeting 2016 will take place in Natal – Brazil, at the Digital Metropolis Institute (IMD-UFRN) dependencies, from August 31th to September 2th. Bioinformatics Graduate Program of Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte will organize the event.

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