protbrowserProteogenomics Browser Proteogenomics Browser is a web-based tool that collects MS peptide identification, assigns exon usage, reports the identified protein isoforms with genomic alignments and, most importantly, also allows the inspection of MS2 information for proper peptide identification certainty. It is important for improving publication standards of proteomics datasets.
ViVaViVa The Viewer of Variants (ViVa) is an advanced tool that allows the user to manage SNVs from genomes, exomes or panels, and execute complex filterings and/or sample comparisons. It is also able to manage projects, samples, users, reports, among other features. ViVa is actively being developed by a multi-professional team, aiming a better user experience.
sexpressSplicing Express Splicing Express is a software suite created to perform ASEs analysis from transcriptome sequencing data, and its major goal is to serve the needs of biomedical researchers who do not have bioinformatics skills. As result, it creates a set of HTML files composed of graphics and tables designed to describe the expression profile of ASEs among all analyzed samples, important for the better understanding of biological processes.
splooceSplooce Splooce is computational tool that uses a simple and straightforward method to retrieve, name and present alternative splicing events (ASEs). Splooce innovates by using a method based on regular expressions that is able to capture the complexity of ASEs, and it is crucial to elucidate the mechanisms behind several biological phenomena, including diseases.
dbmutationDB Mutation