MSc. student,

Bioinformatic, PPGBIOINFO, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte



Masters student at the postgraduate of bioinformatics program in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, graduated in Systems Analysis and Development by the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte (2015). Has experience in Computer Science, with an emphasis on programming, Web development languages and bioinformatics.

Projetct Abstract

The current scientific advances within the genomics, have been provided due to extraction of meaningful information from the DNA because of the use of new technologies available to perform the analysis of genetic data. Precision medicine makes use of these advances to better understand the complex biological mechanism and the possible changes that might come to produce disease in an individual. My work aims the development of a software product responsible for providing assistance to the collected genetic data in order to use them efficiently in the analysis and display so they can be applied studies on such data. In this sense, also allowing the application of data collected in public databases, the work aims to assist in the treatment of individuals who have some genetic changes that went previously identified by the system. The aims of this project are develop a product capable of: to facilitate the use of public genetic data collected, store the results of the tests already carried out and detect patterns that help in the diagnosis to be presented.