PhD student,

Bioinfomatic ,PPGBIOINFO, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte



Research areas: Bioinformatics, Computer Science, genetics, metagenomics.

PhD student on Bioinformatics (PPGBIONF), IMD-UFRN. Currently developing a project in the area of Metagenomics applied in the hospital and in the study of cancer. Master in Genetics and Molecular Biology emphasis on Bioinformatics, UFPA (2016). Bachelor in Computer Science, UERN (2013). Student researcher at the Brain Institute - UFRN (2015). With experience in the fields of Computer Science and Bioinformatics. Experience with RNA-Seq data analysis, mutation, polymorphism, and transcription factors

Project Abstract

The metagenomics makes use of DNA sequencing technologies to discover the existing organisms in a given environment, and can be applied to many scientific and commercial purposes. The cheapening of next generation sequencing technologies (NGS) has provided a major boost in metagenomics research also increasing the demand for professionals working in the area of ​​bioinformatics. The metagenomic work indispensably need professionals with bioinformatician profile, able to use and develop programs to analyze the large amount of data that are generated by NGS. With the widespread use of antibiotics since their discovery, bacteria and other microorganisms have acquired resistance to these agents. The proliferation of these types of hospital micro-organisms has become a major global public health concern both for patients who are at that place, as the risk for epidemic I possible. cancer-related diseases are increasingly in focus and studies addressing new forms of identification and treatments emerge every day. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the head and neck cancer accounts for about 3% of all cancers in the United States, most of this cancer starts in the cells of the inner surface of the mouth and neck. The identification of cancer in early stages provides greater efficacy of treatment. This work will develop tools and bioinformatics procedures used in metagenomics to characterize bacteria that might be providing some antimicrobial resistance in a hospital chosen city, as well as identify possible genetic biomarkers for the identification and monitoring of bacterial species, it will also be developed in this project one metagenomic pipeline aimed to characterize a cancer of the head signature profile and neck through the microbiota present in the mouth of cancer patients, we will also identify biomarkers for head and neck cancer.