Permanent Professor

Brain Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.


Research areas: Brain oscillations, learning and memory, electrophysiology, theoretical and computational

Adriano Tort is currently a principal investigator at the Brain Institute at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). Dr. Tort earned his Medical Doctor (MD) degree in 2002 from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Porto Alegre city, southern Brazil; three years later he graduated from the same university with a Bachelor’s (BS) degree in Physics, a Master (MSc) degree in Mathematics, and a doctorate (PhD) degree in Neuroscience. In 2006, Dr. Tort moved to Boston, where he worked as a Research Associate at the Center for Bio-Dynamics, linked to the Department of Mathematics at Boston University. In Boston, Dr. Tort became proficient in both computational neuroscience (biophysical simulation of neurons and neural networks) and in computational analyses of brain signals (electrophysiological potentials and multi-neuronal activity). Dr. Tort currently leads the Computational Neurophysiology Lab, where he directly advises researchers at different levels, from undergraduates to postdocs. Research carried out by Dr. Tort uses experimental and computational techniques to tackle multiple areas of Systems Neuroscience, with particular focus on the study of brain oscillations, integration of information across brain regions, and on the search for the neuronal mechanisms underlying cognitive processes such as perception, memory and decision-making.